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30W RSI H4(9003) High/Low LED Headlight Conversion Kit 2600 Lumens

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    RSI Motorsports is proud to announce the very first high/low LED headlight conversion kit.  We have been working with our Manufacturer to create a brighter LED headlight kit that would not only be considerably brighter than Halogen light but to compete with HID Lights as well.  Our RSI LED headlights will produce a maximum of 2700 lumens of light and will average around 2650 Lumens.  The H4 high/low LED Kits are a simple plug and play and will most likely outlast your vehicle as they are rated at 30000 hours of life.  LED light technology has come a long way in the past couple years and the bulb just keep getting better.  Our high power LED headlights use US built Cree LED's,  Cree LED's are known around the world for being one of the most reliable LED lights on the market.  Some notible benefits to having LED lights is they come on and reach 100% brightness within milliseconds, they will work with the auto on feature without a problem and they even work with your DRL mode unlike HID lights.  LED lighting is the future of automotive headlights, upgrade your vehicle today and you won't be dissapointed.

    • Beam Angle 360 Degrees
    • Input (mA): 2000
    • 10-32V
    • 30W
    • 2600-2700 Lumens of lights - 2200 Lumens Low Beam 2600 Lumens High Beam
    • Natural White Color - 5000k or 6500k
    • Low Voltage Protection, High precision Constant Current Driver Chip
    • Built in IC Circuit (Current Regulator)-Prevents LED Damage From Voltage Variations & Spikes.
    • 60% Less Power Consumption compared to HID
    • 100% Brightness within miliseconds
    • Up to 30,000 Hours Service Life.


    • 2x 30W RSI H4 High/Low LED Bulbs (Bulbs use Cree LED's)
    • 2x LED High/Low Controller
    • 2x  Premium LED Heatsink Fans
    • 2 Year Warranty


    • If you are installing this LED kit on a Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Volkswagen, Volvo, Dodge, Chrysler, Land Rover, or Newer Ford, you will most likely need 50W resistors as well.  The reason is becuase the LED bulbs run at such a low Wattage (20W), that they will most likely throw a bulb out error when turned on.


    • 50W resistors - This option is necessary for all newer German vehicles (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, VW) and some other brands as well (Volvo, Dodge, Chrsyler, some newer Ford vehicles)  This cable will trick the cars ECU into thinking the kit is 50W instead of 35W.  On many newer german cars and trucks if a 35W HID Kit is installed it will either throw an error on the dash or the LED kit will flicker as the ECU thinks the bulb is out, this cable fixes that issue.


    • Our RSI LED Headlight will come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, a 30 Day Price Match Guarantee and 2 Year replacement Warranty.
    • Most kits will ship within 24-48 Hours from the time you place an order, Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be processed on the following Monday
    • Shipping time is generally 3-6 business days, by DHL Express
    • This Item qualifies for Free Shipping Worldwide




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    1. On the web they said it could not be done for 2003 windstar.lx

      After months of reviewing multible web forums site. Researching into using new led technology. To replace standered headlight for normal every day cars that uses bulb socket types that do not exist. With a bit of modding to the headlight housing which was a bit easy to do with simple hardware tools and right small hardware parts. I have succesfuly implemented the h4 bulb into the hb5 housing.
      I await the day when there are hb5 led bulbs that are the 1800 lumen. Also I now seem to have a spare identical kit. From a diffrent vendor. This is going to make for interesting testing on reducing the temps the bulbs run to lumen output. Goal reducing the temps to the bulb to luke warm just right to just warm the headlamps to above freezing but when handled by hand not a burn hazzard (and thats with the included fan running, note I consider the fan to be a weak link prone to premature failer so a close loop water cooling system may have to be employed that should be not to hard for me to figure out how to do) while maintaining the lumen needed for everyday road usage. This is phase 2. Phase one applied to the fog lights after converting ac 18 watt led worklight to direct dc operation. that turned out a bit better than planned. I lowered the voltage to a steady 9 volts to the light assembebly and it still better than the factory stock lights that were there and cold to the touch. Phase 3 will deal with the heating up of the cpu drivers. Currently modded 2 intel socket 478 heat sinks and mounted the drivers directly on them for improved passive cooling. My van has no real good placement for direct metal mount to chasis location. I do not want the cpu drivers to fail do to overheating. this have evolve to a water cooling type system.
      on 29th Aug 2013

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