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9006 Xenon Philips HID Conversion Kits

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    There is a common misconception that Philips does not make aftermarket HID Kits anymore.  Philips Xenon HID Kits are still available, but only in certain countries.  The reason why people don't think they exist is becuase when you search Philips North American website, it will only list OEM replacement HID Bulbs like D1S, D2R, D2R etc.  When people see this they automatically think that because they aren't on the site they don't exist.  Well those people are partially right.  In North America, aftermarket Philips HID Kits are not going to exist and that is becuase Xenon HID Kits are not DOT (Deparment of transportation) approved.  Becuase they are not DOT approved Philips actually will not list or ship Philips HID Kits into the US or Canada.  Now just because they aren't listed on Philips North American site, doesn't mean they don't exist at all.  If you look in the top right corner of Philips Website, there will be a drop down menu to select your country.  If you were to change that to say Australia, India, or Asia Pacific, Philips HID kits will then appear as products they carry.  Now becuase of the restrictions we have in the US and Canada Philips will not directly ship kits to North America so we have to purchase Philips HID Kit from suppliers in countries where they are legal.  Every supplier we use has been verified by Philips and certified for providing Genuine Philips HID Conversion kits. 


    • 2 x 35W 9006(HB3) Genuine Philips HID Bulbs
    • 2 x 35W Philips XLD288 Ballast
    • Philips Specific KET Wiring 
    • 1 x Installation manual
    • Installation Accessories
    • Bonus Philips T10 corner/interior light bulbs

    Available Philips Bulb Options: H1, H3, H4 high/low, H7, H11, 9005, 9006

    These are the only Xenon bulbs that Philips produces, if anyone lists a different HID bulb that is not on this list, they are fake. Picture taken from Philips Website.


    The Question We get quite often is how do you tell if a Philips HID kit is Real or not.  there are a few different things to check for:

    1. Philips bulbs will be marked Philips Germany with the item # right below
    2. Philips bulbs will only have White Salts, fake bulbs will not have any salts inside the bulb
    3. Philips bulbs will be labeled with a security label
    4. Philips HID Kits only use KET wiring connectors not amp
    5. Philips ballasts will only have KET connectors
    6. Philips only makes 35W HID Kits, they do not make 50 or 55W HID Kits

    A few things you can look for if a Company is trying to pass a fake kit off as real one:

    1. Packaging looks the same but contents inside IE bulbs and ballasts are marked Philips Patent, Philips Patent bulbs are not made by philips and are not made in Germany.
    2. Kit comes in two boxes like the original but the boxes are grey instead of white with the philips logo
    3. Ballasts come in a odd shape or are slim ballasts labeled Philips Patent
    4. Wiring coming from the ballast is AMP style and not the Philips KET wiring


    • If you are installing this HID kit on a newer vehicle that has Auto On Headlights, it is recommended that you not use this feature and turn your lights on manually after the car has started.
    • If your vehicle has DRL (Day Time Running Lights) that run off of the bulb you are putting this HID Kit on, it is strongly recommended that you deactivate the DRL function, this is usually as simple as removing a fuse (refer to the cars owner manual).  DRL's and HID Kits do not go well together, we have tested this on many vehicles and DRL's will cause premature failure of the Xenon HID Kit
    • Click here for more helpfull installation notes


    • Relay Cable - This is used to protect the vehicles headlight wiring system, it also protects the vehicles headlight fuses as well since the relay cable has its own dedicated light fuse.  This cable is highly recommended if you plan to install more than one HID Kit.  For-instance, low and high beam, or low beam and fog lights etc.
    • Relay Cable with 50W resistors - This option is necessary for all newer German vehicles (BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, VW) and some other brands as well (Volvo, Dodge, Chrsyler, some newer Ford vehicles)  This cable will trick the cars ECU into thinking the kit is 50W instead of 35W.  On many newer german cars and trucks if a 35W HID Kit is installed it will either throw an error on the dash or the HID kit will flicker as the ECu thinks the bulb is out, this cable fixes that issue.

    • H7 Clips/Spacers - If your car or truck takes an H7 HID Bulb, please leave a note with your order and specify the year/make/model of your vehicle as it may require a clip or spacer for the H7 HID bulb to sit properly.  We will provide these for free if they are needed, but you need to leave a note with your order.  If you do not leave a note and your vehicle needs one of these H7 adapters, you may be charged $9.99 + Shipping to get them.


    • Our OEM Denso HID Kit will come with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, a 30 Day Price Match Guarantee and 2 Year replacement Warranty.
    • Most kits will ship within 24-48 Hours from the time you place an order, Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will be processed on the following Monday
    • Shipping time is generally 3-6 business days, by DHL Express
    • This Item qualifies for Free Shipping Worldwide

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