96-13 Audi A4 Xenon HID Kits

We are simplifying how you find the exact parts you need for Audi A4 or Audi S4.  Simply refer to the lists below and click on the part you are wanting to upgrade or replace.  It will take you to all the products that will work for your vehicle.  We try to be as accurate as we can be with our lists of compatible parts but be safe and always check your owners manual.

Audi A4 Xenon HID Kits, HID Bulbs and LED Headlight Upgrades

Model Year Low Beam High Beam Fog Lights Notes OEM HID
Audi A4/S4 96-98 H7 H7 H1    

Audi A4

99-01 H7 H7 H7 X D2S
Audi A4 02-08 H7 H7 H11 X D1S
Audi A4 09-13 H7 H7 H11 X


Audi A4 OEM HID Ballasts and Igniters

Model Year OEM HID Ballast OEM HID Igniter
Audi A4 99-01 Valeo 12 pin Valeo D2 Igniter
Audi A4 02-05 Valeo 12 Pin N/A
Audi A4 06-08 Al Bosch Gen 3 N/A
Audi A4 09-13 Mitsubishi D3S N/A

Audi A4 Interior and Exterior LED bulb Upgrades

Model & Year Dome Interior Door License Plate Reverse Parking Bulb Front Turn Stop Light Rear Turn Corner Bulb
99-01 Audi A4                    
02-08 Audi A4                    
09-13 Audi A4                    

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