RSI Digital AC Ballast Hid Kit

H3C RSI Premium Digital AC HID Conversion Kit

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    H3C HID Kit Features

    • Affordable & high quality, yes they can come together in one amazing HID kit
    • More than 300% brighter than factory halogen headlights
    • Lasts up to 10X Longer than factory halogen headlights
    • Retrofit all domestic & import cars, SUVs & trucks.
    • Simple & Quick Plug & Play HID Installation
    • 35% less power consumption than conventional halogen headlights
    • High Quality AC Ballasts, not the Cheap DC Ballasts used by others
    • H3C HID Bulbs use UV Blocking Quartz Glass, H3C HID bulbs are shorter than the regular H3 HID Bulb by about 4mm

    Premium RSI HID Conversion Kit contains the following components:

    • 2 Laser Aligned Premium H3C HID Bulbs
    • 2 Digital AC HID Ballasts, upgrades available
    • Mounting Hardware
    • HID Install Intructions

    Upgrades that are Available:

    • Digital Slim AC Ballasts
    • 55W Digital AC Ballasts
    • Digital Canbus AC Ballasts
    • Glare resistant HID Bulbs, these bulbs have a better focal point and reduce the amount of scattered light that regular HID bulbs can have
    • Relay cables are strongly recommended if you want to run two HID Kits in your vehicle, the relay cable will protect the vehicles headlight fuses and it will also regulate the power being sent to the HID Kit

    Note Sure if this kit will fit your vehicle, Check out our Bulb Guide or you can also Shop by Car Here

    If your vehicle is not listed Please email us and we will verify which kit will work for your car


    Introducing the RSI Digital AC Ballast HID kit. RSI HID Kits are nearly bulletproof; bringing reliability and value in one.  The question we get quite often is why others offer HID kits at $35 or $40, well they use a Cheaper DC Ballast for their kits which are very unreliable and usually do no last as long as the halogen bulbs you are replacing.  If any site or company claims they offer AC ballasts at the $35-40 Price point, guess what they are not telling you the truth.  We have access to the same suppliers that offer those cheaper HID Kits and they all use an unreliable DC Ballast.  The cost of an AC ballast even in bulk quantities is almost double the price of the DC ballast.  Don't be fooled by a company that will lie to you just to get the sale.  When you purchase one of those cheap kits you get what you pay for which is 100% of the time an unreliable DC Ballast.  We are an honest company and only offer higher end HID Kits and components, we do not use Bait & Switch techniques like other companies and acurately describe and represent our products.  We do not miss represent the HID Colors available like others and we do not Lie to our Customers.  Our HID Kits come from an Asian supplier, just like 99% of all the HID kits on the market, but unlike other HID Stores we make sure to only sell their best products instead of the cheapest kits they offer.  If any HID store or site claims their HID Kits come from Japan or Germany, they are flat out telling you a Lie, the only HID kits or components that are produced in a different country other than Asia are Philips and OEM HID Companies like Hella, Valeo, Denso, Matsushita, Mitsubishi, Al Bosch, and Osram.  So unless they are offering you an OEM HID Kit or a Philips HID Kit, it comes from Asia.  All of our kits ship directly from our suppliers warehouse and usually take 3-5 business days, pretty much the same time if they shipped from our Colorado Office.  If you have a Warranty claim it is done through our Colorado Office and you will not have to ship the kit back to our supplier like other companies will make you do.  Buy with confidence that you are getting the highest quality kit at the best price.

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