Philips Xenon HID Kits


Truth about Philips HID Kits

For the longest time people did not think that Philips made aftermarket HID Kits anymore, well those people are actually wrong.  The main reason people from the United States or Canada though Philips stopped producing aftermarket HID Conversions Kits is because when you went to Philips Website, they were no were to be found.  There is a good reason why you wouldn't find them there though, the reason is Philips HID Kits which are still considered an aftermarket HID upgrade are actually not DOT (Department of Transportation) approved.  Aftermarket HID Kits in general are not DOT approved for on road use.  The only way HID lights are legal is if they came direct from the factory with that options installed.  That is why when you went to Philips Web Site, you only found replacement D2S, D2R and D1S HID bulbs, those are the main Factory HID bulbs that are used by car manufacturers.  Once everyone saw that Philips only listed replacement bulbs they immediately got in an uproar whenever someone was selling a Philips HID Kit.  The problem was that yes the kits aren't technically marketed and sold in the US or Canada but that doesn't mean they aren't sold to different countries.  The truth is that Philips does still make their aftermarket HID Kits that can be sold in different countries.  If you go back to Philips web site and look in the top right hand corner you will see that they an option to actually change the country or region.  Philips is a worldwide company and sells different items in different countries too; their whole product line isn't specific to one region or area.  Some countries do not have the same strict automotive headlight restrictions like we have in North America and that is where Philips markets and sells their HID Kits.  If you were to change the country to Australia and search their products again you will actually find their listing for all the HID kits they sell and manufacture.  Now Philips does only produce a select few bulbs and colors, the bulbs they produce are: H1, H3, H4, H7, H11, 9005 and 9006.  They also only produce two colors: 4200k and 6000k.  Philips does still make Xenon HID Kits and they still are available.  We purchase all our Philips HID Kits from authorized Philips suppliers in countries where they are supplied.  Here is a link to all our Philips HID Kits.  If you want a link to Philips website directly to see what they carry, here it is Philips Website

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